The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Families With Nervous and Anxious Pets

As soon as I brought my new dog Sadie home from the shelter, I realized she was very sensitive to noise. I am sure I am not the only dog or pet owner to find myself in this situation. However, as all dog and cat owners know, dealing with pet hair is something we must do.

As I am a busy person, I only have a limited amount of time to spend on home cleaning. Sadie is a cross between a German Shepherd and a Doberman. This means she sheds rather a lot. It was essential for me to find the right sweeping robot to keep on top of all of pet hair that was ending up all around the house.

Home Tips For Living With Pets and Choosing The Right Vacuum For the Smart Home

When you have a high energy dog as I do, you need to dedicate your time to looking after him or her. Sadie goes for walks three times per day. She can stay out for up to two hours. To be honest, that does not give me a lot of time to clean our home. That is why I decided investing in a sweeping robot was a must. But, what points should you make sure you are aware of when you shop for what I like to call a pet-friendly vacuum cleaner?

As Little Noise As Possible

Most dogs and cats are sensitive to noise. When you start shopping around for a sweeping robot, you should make sure that it is as low-noise as possible. It is far easier for dogs with sensitive hearing to welcome a low-noise appliance into the home. This does not only go for vacuum cleaners, it applies to other household appliances as well.

Will It Try To Vacuum My Pet?

The last thing you want is for your furry friend to think it is going to be “attacked” by your cleaning robot. Dogs are particularly sensitive about their paws and many hate having them touched.

They are also protective of their toys and bedding. Sadie still looks suspiciously at the robot when it comes to close to her bed. In other words, your robotic vacuum cleaner must be good at avoiding obstacles.

Suction Capacity Really Matters

When it comes to cleaning up pet hair, you need to make sure your robotic sweeper generates plenty of suction. Dog hair is very fine and can be hard to suck up for standard vacuums. Not only that, pet hair does have a tendency to clump together once it hits the floor. Sucking up larger masses is not as easy as cleaning up the odd hair or fine dust.

A High Capacity Dust Box

How much does your dog or cat shed per day? Before Sadie joined me, I had only ever had small dogs. What I did not realize was how much larger dogs shed. They really do shed a lot of pet hair.

During the summer and late spring, your furry friend will shed more fur. If you are not sure how much fur your pet sheds every day, it is best to go for a vacuum cleaner with a large capacity dust box. I went for the largest size I could get hold of when I bought my sweeping robot.

I thought I was going over the top, but now I am glad that I opted for a large dust box. One “Sadie shake” as I like to say, and you can immediately see where she has been.

Design Of The Body

Does the design of the body matter? Yes, the design of the body matters a great deal. You want to make sure that your machine can get into all of those places your dog or cat can get to. That means spaces in between furniture as well as close to walls.

It is amazing, but pet hair gets everywhere!

What I Ended Up Buying

In the end, I decided to invest in a Cybovac E31. This is one of the best home helps you can have when you have pets. It copes with tiled and wood floors, and it can handle carpets and rugs with ease. As we all know, soft floor coverings often require more intense cleaning than other surfaces.

The company that manufacturers the Cybovac E31 is called Kyvol. The E31 is their most efficient model. Kyvol offers two additional models: E30 and E20. They are both great, but when you have to cope with pet hair on various surfaces, I would recommend the top of the range model. – the E31.

I don’t think I need to tell you what accessory I opted for when I placed my order! Check out the website and you will find out what other accessories are available to help you to keep your home clean. Fantastic service from Kyvol and fast delivery. Thanks to my Cybovac, our pet friendly home is finally less “hairy.”