Robot Vacuums – Are They Worth It?

Vacuuming is one of the least-liked household chores and replacing it with a robot vacuum cleaner is a popular choice. Read on to see if they are worth it.

After a tiring day at work or a long day of fun, no one wants to come home to a pile of chores and especially to dirty floors. If you want squeaky clean floors without having to raise a hand, robot vacuum cleaners is the way to go. These smart cleaners can significantly reduce the cleaning time and are now more easily available than ever.  

How to Choose Robot Vacuums

There are numerous features in robot vacuums with more being added as the technology emerges. To pick the right robot vacuum cleaner, consider the following features:

  • Battery and charge: Robot vacuum cleaners should support auto-recharge and have a long battery life such as Kyvol. The latest robot vacuum cleaners go to their charging stations when the battery is below a certain point.
  • Cleaning performance: The cleaning performance varies with the model so go through reviews to find a vacuum with good performance.
  • Filter system: It should have a high filter performance to reduce allergens to clean the air of germs and pollutants.
  • Maintenance: Always purchase a vacuum that is easy to disassemble and maintain.
  • Smart WIFI connects: For a smart cleaner WIFI connection is pertinent so you can start the cleaning anywhere anytime.
  • Price: There are several models available at a cost-effective price on the market.

The Pros and Cons

Robot cleaners have many advantages but they come with some limitations as well. Below mentioned pros and cons can help you through their significance.


  • Robot vacuum cleaners save time and energy.
  • Through them deep cleaning at anytime and almost anywhere is possible.
  • There is a low maintenance cost for them.


  • Although they are smart cleaners and can go to numerous places, cleaning stairs is not possible.
  • Blind spots are an old adversary for the robot vacuum cleaner. If there are black spots on the carpet, it is difficult the sensors will clean the spot.

Kyvol Cybovac E-Series

Kyvol launched in 2019 to develop innovative products and to promote a healthy lifestyle with particular consideration given to their busy routines. Kyvol is driven by technology but led by human connections. Our innovative breakthroughs and continuous philosophy drive the love between the company and customers.

Cybovac robot vacuum cleaner competes in technology, design, build and price. The first generation of smart and eco-friendly products improves the quality of life and freeing people from the household chores.  

Cybovac E20

Astonishing Suction Power

The Cybovac E20 has an immensely strong suction power of 2000Pa. It is capable of dragging out the stuck dirt without damage to the carpets or other surfaces. Because of the streamlined air ducts, there is no loss of suction power resulting in better cleaning performance, while providing smart cleaning. There are three suction levels and a power boost technology that detects carpet floors and automatically starts cleaning up at 1500Pa.

Long battery life 

The E20 promises a long battery life of 150 minutes and recharges itself after making it a very convenient robot vacuum cleaner. The auto-recharge function is invoked whenever the battery life becomes lower than 12%. It will go to its recharging space to once again pale for the next clean. 

Other features

There are more features for this model as well:

  • It has three cleaning modes – Auto Mode intended for random cleaning, Edge Mode for cleaning out edges and corners, and Spot Mode for hard-to-clean areas. It has multiple brushes and a brushless motor for collection, lifting and vacuuming of dirt in an orderly and powerful process.
  • Set up No go areas – Using magnetic Strips you can set up no-go areas which will help it detect the boundary to stay in.
  • Voice Control – Easily direct the robot vacuum using Google Assistant or Alexa.
  • High-Efficiency Filter for Clean Air – The dual-layer filter and one HEPA filter substantially reduces allergens in the air and stop pollution.
  • Anti Drop Technology – It has high-precision infrared sensors to prevent it from falling down the stairs
  • Obstacle Detection – It sensors also allow obstacle Detection.

Cybovac E30

Gyroptic Smart and Accurate Navigation

The Cybovac E30 has a unique gyroptic navigation system that will offer an ever-clean experience. The high-precision gyroscope lets the E30 easily move in a zigzag pattern when cleaning. With the state of the art optic flow sensor the navigation is calibrated and the cleaning efficiency is increased by 30%.

Smart-path Planning

The E30 can calculate its relative position in a room and navigate it with efficiency. It has a logical and orderly way of sweeping and repeated cleaning. It will record its cleaning route in real-time on the Kyvol App allowing the user to be aware of it at all times.    

Other Features

Other features that are similar to the E20 include:

  • Voice Control – The E30 can be easily directed through Google Assistant or Alexa.
  • Triple Filter System – The dual-layer filter and HEPA filter reduces pollution and tiny particles from the air.
  • Thorough Cleaning – The V-shape design and multiple brushes make for thorough cleaning in all nooks and crannies.
  • Considerate Design – It has a 600ml large dustbin which reduces the emptying frequency and saves time. It is also easy to disassemble and maintain.

Cybovac E31

Sweeping and Mopping Robot

The E31 has precision water control and comes with a 300ml large water tank. The large tank lets the robot vacuum cleaner for mopping away tough stains. The high-precision electronically controlled water pump lets the owner’s switch the water flow as per the floor type and owners needs. There is also no spillage when the vacuum is in a stationary position due to the special design of the water tank.

Other Features

Other features in the E31 include:

  • Gyroptic Smart & Accurate Navigation – The E31 can move in a zigzag pattern and has a state of the art optic flow sensor.
  • Strong Suction Power – It also has a strong suction power of 2000Pa.
  • Long Battery Life – It has a battery life of 150 minutes with an Auto Recharge option.
  • Home Mapping – It calculates its relative position in the
  • It also has voice control, thorough cleaning, object detection and anti-drop technology like E20 and E30.


There are several options for smart cleaners these days. Being affordable and super handy, these vacuum robots can become yours and your house’s best friend. Their functions have also greatly improved, making it a worthwhile investment for families. Investing in them is a wise option to at least have on to start with.