Kyvol Cybovac E20- The Best Entry Level Vacuum Cleaner

The 21st century is all about getting things done quickly and efficiently. When it comes to cleaning floors, vacuum cleaner manufacturers have worked hard over the years to bring out robot vacuums that will clean floor and carpet while you take a break.

These hands-free robot vacuums from Kyvol are the ideal choice for single people and busy housewives who care for their place’s looks but who just don’t have time for floor cleaning.

Ingeniously Engineered

Kyvol has put together some key components into a simple, no-fuss, compact 2.4kg robot with dimensions 325*324*73mm and suction 2,000 Pa. With this amount of suction power, you can be sure of strong cleaning performance.

The Cybovac E20 offers powerful suction to keep your home free of dust and debris. The Cybovac will be capable of picking up all kinds of debris from your floor – all dirt that forms small airborne dust particles. This is when people start battling with allergy reactions. Quiet and extremely efficient, the Cybovac E20 from Kyvol happens to be affordable too.

It can be difficult trying to maneuver your regular bulky vacuum into hard-to-reach spots. With the robot vacuum’s compact size, the device can tackle small spaces that your regular vacuum can’t get to.

The entry-level E20 is able to identify carpets from floors and will switch to maximum suction on carpets.

Your Voice Commands

Each of Kyvol’s long-lasting battery robot cleaners is available to be controlled by Alexa and Google Assistant, whether you’re getting an entry-level robot vacuum or one of their higher-end vacuums.

In other words, you control your robot vacuum with voice commands and the robot vacuum can be started and controlled with the user’s own voice. So no getting up to start the vacuum manually – all you need to do is to ask your vacuum to start working.

A robotic vacuum works brilliantly and with lasting effects. It ensures just one less chore to contend with. The robotic vacuums also come with a couple of exciting twists. How much ground these robots cover and their capabilities will vary from model to model.

Apart from the robotics technology in the vacuum’s design, the robot comes with navigational sensors that prevent the vacuum from plunging down the stairs or bumping into things. Moreover, users can even set no-go area using magnetic strips to protect valuable items and establish out-of-bounds zones such as play areas for kids or pet feeding stations.

The Kyvol Cybovac Inspired by Insects

As an entry-level robot cleaner, the Kyvol Cybovac E20 with its Nidec brushless motor has been inspired by insects – the hard-working, tireless bee and the dragonfly.

The robot vacuum is a skimmer like the dragonfly and it can maneuver- and angle itself like the insect. Small wonder engineers have looked at the bee and the dragonfly for inspiration in robotic devices design.

VanTop Technology & Innovations is about to launch 3 new robot vacuums – the Cybovac E20, Cybovac E30 and Cybovac E31, with all of these being controlled by means of an app – allowing the robot vacuums to be controlled remotely.

The robot vacuum works by means of a charging station, and once the battery requires recharging after it has reached a 12% battery level, although the specific figure of battery level will not show on the display, – it returns to the charging station automatically. Once the battery is charged, the vacuum resumes working again.

For the price you pay for this entry-level robot vacuum you get a lot of bang for your bucks. Who doesn’t relish the idea of keeping their floors scrupulously clean without having to lift a finger? Gone are the days of lugging a clumsy machine or canister around and trying to get into unreachable areas to get rid of dust, hair, crumbs and other debris.

What is amazing is that the Cybovac E20 from Kyvol, one of the best entry-level robot cleaners, has some pretty smart features and that the asking price is below $200.

  • Superior suction power with 2000pa
  • various cleaning modes – auto, edge, and spot
  • controllable via an app for remote control 
  • high-precision sensors with one main brush and two side brushes enable the robot to get up close to walls and furniture to ensure no area is missed.
  • Ultra-long battery life of 150 minutes.
  • infrared sensors prevent the vacuum from falling down stairs or bumping into things
  • when the vacuum reaches a 12% battery level, it automatically returns to the charging station
  • 600ml dustbin means no constant emptying. Yes, you will have to empty your unit’s container or replace its bag.

The Investment of A Lifetime

The nifty smart cleaning gadget from Kyvol, ready to be released this June, looks as though it’s going to provide endless cleaning efficiency. Why not give Kyvol a call and order your strong suction robot? It’s the investment of a lifetime – a real life- and time-saver, requiring very little effort on your part. Click here for you to visit.