How to Choose Your First Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Busy lives make your time more valuable than ever. As our work often demands ever more from us and even social lives are lived at the speed of digital communication, taking care of your cleaning needs at home means exploring the automated options available. However, when looking for your first vacuum cleaner robot there are some new challenges to face. With so many options to choose from it can be really difficult to even know where to begin.

This is because not all floor care is the same, and you need a robot designed to meet the cleaning needs you have. For instance, it is no good having the best mopping robot if your home has carpets throughout, instead you need something suited to dry vacuuming. But which is the best and how do you decide what you need?

Making Your Choice

The first step in choosing the right robot vacuum is to figure out what your cleaning needs are. How big are your rooms? Are the floors hard coverings or carpet? Do you need scheduled cleaning while at work?

All of these details matter. Take the room size, because a robot vacuum cleaner uses batteries, smaller machines may need to go back to base and recharge to finish a cleaning cycle, whereas they will have enough onboard power to do a complete vacuum of your space in one go in a smaller home.

Once you have your priorities for your cleaning needs you can look at the right kind of robot vacuum cleaner to fit your room size, floor style and so on. This means that the right choice for the best robot vacuum cleaner is not the same for everyone. To help you along, we have created a buying guide that offers the best option for several scenarios, pick which best fits your floor care needs and go from there.

You Only Have Carpeted Flooring

A great pick for your first vacuum cleaner if all your flowing is carpeted is the Cybovac E20. It has a slim and stylish look that doesn’t take up space, making it ideal for an apartment, but with a 150-minute battery life that few other vacuum can match, it can easily cope with larger rooms if needed. Versatile for all of your carpet floor care needs, it offers a wealth of features and simply controls that really do help first time robot vacuum users.

The Cybovac E20 has dedicated app control, available on the iOS App store and Google Play store, whichever suits your device. In addition, it integrates both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control, making it one of the easiest robot vacuum cleaners available today.

With a 150-minute battery, combined with a powerful Nidec brushless motor, you get a class-leading 2,000 Pa of suction power and superb cleaning even in larger rooms. The easy to set up no go barrier system means you can enjoy worry free control of your cleaning needs at all times. The magnetic strips are instantly detected ensuring the cleaner never goes into areas you mark out. You can set cleaning schedules through the app or use voice control, or a combination of both, for the ultimate in floor care convenience.

Like all E series vacuums, the E20 features three operating modes, Auto, Edge and Spot for complete flexibility and superb performance from the three brushes (one main brush with two side brushes), every time.

If you only need the ability to vacuum carpets, the E20 is ideal as your first vacuum cleaner robot, offering great features, easy controls and fantastic value in one, compact package.

You Have a Mixture of Carpet and Hard Floors With Numerous Obstacles

If you have a mix of carpeted and hard flowing, but don’t need any mopping, then the Cybovac E30 is ideal as your first vacuum cleaner robot. It builds on the capabilities of the E20, combining the sustained power of the class-leading 150-minute battery life with an enhanced GyropticTM navigation system that allows smart home mapping for dealing with cluttered areas, allowing the robot to avoid wiring and furniture with ease. The Cybovac GyropticTM technology provides exceptional mapping accuracy and up to 30% more cleaning performance.

Controlling the E30 is very easy, using the Kyvol app, available from the Apple App Store and Google Play, you can set cleaning schedules and no-go areas to meet your cleaning needs. With Amazon Alexa and google Assistant integration, you can also use voice commands to control the robot vacuum directly, for true hands-free floor care. In addition, a simple no-go system uses magnetic strips to define areas to avoid, the robot’s sensors detect them instantly and turn away.

Able to handle all kinds of flooring surfaces, it can adapt between carpet and hard flooring as it goes for superb cleaning results every time. It features three modes, Auto, Edge and Spot, ensuring the flexibility to cope with any situation. The combination of long-life battery and powerful Nidec motor providing up to 2,200 PA of suction power, one of the best in its class.

The room mapping ability ensures that in rooms with high levels of furniture, wiring or other hazards, you can still have your cleaning needs taken care of with confidence without adding complicated control requirements that can confuse first time users.

If You Have Flooring That Needs Mopping

So far, we have looked at situations where dry vacuuming is all that is required. However, if you do have a combination of carpet and hard flooring, including areas that require wet cleaning, you still have options. The best mopping robot that combines powerful performance and ease of use is the Cybovac E31. This top of the range model enjoys a large water tank and mopping facility on top of powerful vacuum features, making it the best all-round solution for all your cleaning needs.

A 150-minute battery offers more power than most, and it is combined with impressive room mapping from the built in GyropticTM technology that increases cleaning performance by up to 30%. The array of sensors and mapping ensures that the E31 always knows where it is, avoiding wires, furniture and other obstacles and adapting its cleaning to the surface as it goes. Not only does the powerful battery mean long cleaning times, but in combination with the Nidec brushless motor gives 2,200 Pa of suction power that places it as one of the most powerful available.

For mopping, the  300ml capacity large water tank ensures that it can mop even large rooms in a single go for fast, efficient cleaning. The ultrafine mop pad leaves a clean, sparkling finish that provides the very best floor care solution for your home. With three modes, Auto, Edge and Spot, this robot vacuum cleaner has the flexibility for any cleaning needs, delivering superb performance every time.

The Cybovac E31 may be fully featured, but it remains simple to control, with a dedicated app available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play, alongside voice control through integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can set cleaning schedules, and more, and the E31 will just get on with the job by itself. No-go areas can be defined by magnetic strips that the robot will automatically sense.

The ease of use and reliability ensure this is still a great first vacuum cleaner robot, with enough capability to deal with any situation. The latest tech for a great price, the Cybovac E31 is tremendous value and a fantastic tool that covers every floor care need you may have, easily the best mopping robot for your home.


Your best vacuum cleaner robot will depend on your cleaning needs. By buying the appropriate machine to meet your flo0or care requirements you can enjoy an easy to use machine that has all the capabilities you need, giving you improved value and a superior experience with the technology.

All three machines feature class -leading suction power and three modes for impressive flexibility. In addition, the unique GyropticTM technology means up to 30% better cleaning performance compared to competitors for superior results in your home.

You can find more information on the Cybovac E-range and purchase your first vacuum cleaner robot by clicking here.