Best Way To Clean Vinyl Floors


Vinyl can give you exceptional flooring options as they are not only durable but they are also inexpensive. Learn the best way to clean vinyl floors can protect it for longevity and extended service. You do not want to be changing your vinyl flooring every year. If you want to ensure the product serves you for a long time, you should maintain it well. Proper maintenance will prevent unnecessary damage and increase its lifespan. One of the most preferred vinyl floors is the Vinyl Plank Flooring.

What is Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Most people want to look for flooring that is affordable and user-friendly for families. This kind of flooring has the appearance of stylish wood floors without being as expensive as wood. When installed in the right way, it can also give a decorative and stylish stone look. Fabricated plank flooring, also known as luxury vinyl flooring, is a well-designed flooring material.

People prefer using the plank vinyl flooring material because it mimics wood perfectly well. It gives your room the luxury look that you desire. The material is also versatile, and it can be customized to give a marble or stone look.

How to Clean Vinyl Floors

For better cleaning of your vinyl floor without damaging it, you need to follow the following steps:

  • If you want to use Cybovac E31 vacuum cleaner for your floor, you must set it correctly. Use the arrows to set the beater bars away from the floor to prevent scratching.
  • After vacuum cleaning the floor, you need to remove any remaining dirt by wiping it with a damp fiber cloth.
  • Remember to mop the floor with either a commercial cleaner or your own DIY mop. Mopping should be the final step that leaves your floor radiant clean.
how to clean vinyl floors

How to Deep Clean Luxury Vinyl Plank Floor?

Every homeowner wants to have a welcoming home that is attractive and radiantly clean. If you opt for the luxury vinyl plank floor, it will be beneficial also to learn how to maintain it well. It is the only way you can be sure it does not lose its natural appeal. Although people like sweeping and mopping, deep cleaning assures you of an appealing floor with a sparkling new look all the time.

If you have some stains on your luxury Vinyl plank floor, deep cleaning is the only way to assume its natural and dazzling clean look. Some of the things that can stain your floor include tomato sauce, ketchup, lipstick, or ink. These stains will be easy to wipe if you notice them immediately as they spill and wipe out with a wet cloth. If the stains have dried up and are becoming stubborn, it will help you use baking soda paste and a soft rug to rub the stain gently. Repeating that will make the stain to disappear and leave your floor with its original look.

Do’s and Don’ts for vinyl flooring care

If you value your luxury vinyl flooring, taking the best care of it to ensure it maintains its appealing look. You, therefore, need to learn some of the dos and don’ts for vinyl flooring care:


  • Do prevent the dirt before it happens by keeping doormats to prevent shoes from depositing small particles. The small particles can damage your vinyl flooring.
  • Do clean the spills always as allowing the mess to settle can stick and become hard to remove. You can prevent the hard work by wiping the dirt with a piece of cloth.
  • Do sweep as often as possible to prevent dust from settling on the floor.
  • Do use furniture pads to protect the sharp ends of the furniture from tearing the vinyl floor.


  • Do not use harsh chemicals for cleaning your vinyl floor as that can be damaging.
  • Do not use steam mops because the steam’s high heat can be harsh on the vinyl floor.
  • Do not wax the floor because the wax can build up with time and end up discoloring your vinyl floor.

Keep your vinyl floor clean with Cybovac E31

The Cybovac E31 is a vacuum cleaning robot that can work for you as you attend to something else. All that you need is to set it up, and it will do the work for you. Most of these machines come with a remote button, but you can also set it manually. The machine also has arrows to help you direct it to the specific spot you want to clean. The automatic Cybovac E31 vacuum cleaner can help you keep your home sparkling clean all the time.

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