Alexa, Thank Kyvol for the Spotless Result

The Kyvol Cybovac Vacuum Cleaner: Ready to Serve You

Meet the Cybovac E-series vacuum cleaners from Kyvol. Highly efficient vacuum cleaners equipped with voice control to clean your home smartly. Small and large particles are no match against the innovative technologies of our new E-series. No corner of your home will be forgotten, while you can enjoy your well-deserved free time.

Kyvol Empowers Humans with Technology

Kyvol launched in 2019 to empower humans with technology. The smart devices of Kyvol all embrace our vision; to design and manufacture products to support people’s busy lives and encourage a healthy lifestyle. The new Cybovac vacuum cleaner series redefines the essence of a smart device. Our innovative devices release you from boring household chores, while delivering flawlessly clean and hygienic results. The Kyvol-brand stands for eco-friendly appliances that can compete with the best high-tech brands in the market, without losing sight of the user experience and fair prices. Kyvol is strongly connected with its customers. The relationship we have with our customers, and their feedback, fuels our continuous improvement philosophy. Resulting in regular breakthroughs regarding innovative technological accomplishments. By now it is time to take a closer look at the new E-series vacuum cleaner, the newest creation of our endeavors.

Cybovac E20: The Perfect Entry-level Cleaner

The Cybovac E20 is a great entry-level vacuum cleaner. Although we call it entry-level, the E20 model has a lot to offer. The sucking power goes as high as 2000 pa, easily enough to remove even dirt that is stuck in your carpet. The streamlined design of the air duct ensures no power is lost. The E20 will provide excellent results across all kinds of floors. The battery automatically recharges itself when empty and can perform up to 2.5 hours consecutively. The Cybovac E20 really shines when it comes to the sophisticated high-sensitivity sensors. You can use the Cybovac E20 safely on upper floors because the high-precision infrared sensors detect drop-offs, preventing it from falling off the stairs. The carpet boost technology detects carpets and automatically increases the sucking power to 1500 pa for spotless results. Command the Cybovac E20 with voice control to make it even easier. The voice command option operates via Alexa or Google Assistant. Download the Kyvol app, connect with your Cybovac E20, and command your vacuum cleaner with your phone.

Cybovac E30: Smart, Precise, and Efficient

Can you imagine a smart vacuum cleaner that’s even more precise and efficient than the E20? We can, and the Cybovac E30 is the proof. The E30 is equipped with the state-of-the-art gyroptic™ navigation system. This sophisticated piece of technology makes flawless zig-zag movements possible. Supported by an optic flow sensor for calibration and navigation, the cleaning efficiency improves by an impressive 30% extra. The power-sucking ability of the Cybovac is nothing short of impressive. With 2200 pa, dirt doesn’t stand a chance. The impressive power and efficiency make this powerhouse suitable for large spaces. It can clean a surface of 250㎡ in 2.5 hours before the battery will recharge automatically. The three-stage cleaning system guarantees a profoundly clean surface. First, the dust and dirt are gathered, then lifted, and finally vacuumed.

Cybovac E31: The Ultimate Sweeping and Mopping Robot

Ok, but that’s it, right? You told us about your flag carrier, the Cybovac E30, and we reached the limit of current technology by now? No, we went even one step further to breach the limits of technology. We proudly present the Cybovac E31. It has everything the E30 brings to the floor as well. But, the E31 has an additional mopping ability. The hook-shaped cotton fibers of the mopping cloth are specifically designed to remove the hardest stains. Use the “spot mode” for intense mopping action and obliterate any stain.

Alexa, Ask Kyvol to Start Cleaning

The title was a bit of a joke of course. But the fabulous interaction between Alexa and Kyvol is anything but a joke. If you don’t know who Alexa is, here follows a brief description. Alexa is a voice control service from Amazon. You can command the virtual assistant called “Alexa” with your voice utilizing an internet-based loudspeaker, to perform various tasks or to ask questions. Meaning, you can use the voice command, “Alexa, ask Kyvol to start cleaning”, and your Kyvol vacuum cleaner will start cleaning directly. There are various voice commands you can use to control your vacuum cleaner. A very convenient and fun way to command your smart device. Download the Kyvol app as well and you are fully equipped for smart cleaning. With one push on the start button, your vacuum cleaner will start operations. Other options include different cleaning modes, input cleaning schedules, tracking the exact cleaning route, and many more. All the E-series vacuum cleaners can be connected to Google Assistance (Google’s equivalent of Alexa) just as easily.

If the electronic devices of a home can be controlled from a distance by phone or computer, we speak about a smart home. You can connect the E20, E30, and E31 Cybovac vacuum cleaners to Alexa and the Kyvol app, to add them to your collection of smart devices, and create a truly smart home.

Why should you choose one of the smart vacuum cleaners of Kyvol?

Kyvol’s vacuum cleaners are the pinnacle of modern technology when it comes to household devices. All our products are created for the convenience of our customers. If you can live a more free and healthy lifestyle with the support of our products, we achieved our goal. Besides the utmost care for the quality of our products, we also strive to provide the best customer service. Our purchase and payment procedure is easy. With our lifetime customer support, we will always try to help you the best we can with any problems that might arise along the way. Join us into the next decade of technological advancement. With continuous improvements to our products, we will improve your freedom and pleasures of life.

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