5 Benefits of Kyvol’s HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

Home Cleaning Made Easy with Kyvol’s HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

A clean home is essential to keep you and your loved ones healthy. Germs and dust mites can be harmful and trigger allergies if they are not removed appropriately. The HEPA Vacuum Cleaner of Kyvol is your best friend to keep your home clean. Germs and dust mites don’t stand a chance against Kyvol’s HEPA vacuum cleaner technology. Time to discuss Kyvol’s 5 most important benefits of HEPA vacuum cleaner technology.

  1. The HEPA Filter

All Kyvol’s Cybovac E31/E30/E20 vacuum cleaner models are equipped with HEPA filters and completely sealed air flows to maximize efficiency. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. Consequently, HEPA filters are capable of catching microscopic particles like pet danders and dust mites by forcing the air through a fine mesh. Most regular filters blow these harmful particles back into the air because the mesh is not fine enough to catch them. The sealed airflow of the Cybovac E31/E30/E20 models ensures that all the microscopic particles are forced through the HEPA filter. Research shows that HEPA filters improve the air quality and can catch 99% of harmful microscopic particles.

  • Clean the Dusty, Hard-to-Reach Areas

The most polluted place in your house is usually under your bed. Dust mites, dust particles, and other dirt accumulate fast in this hard-to-reach spot. Likewise, dust settles easily under furniture too. The SMART, cordless vacuum cleaner models of Kyvol are so thin that they can easily fit under almost any furniture. No spot in your home will be missed anymore with their help. Start sleeping in a hygienic and healthy environment. Experience the benefits for yourself every morning when you wake up. If you suffer from asthma or allergies this can be a life-changing experience.

  • Carpet Boost Technology

Carpets are a beautiful addition to a room and carpets can even absorb dust in the room as if it’s a big filter. But at a certain point, your carpet is full and needs to be cleaned as well. It is hard to remove all the dust from a carpet and prevent re-circulation of the dust into the air while cleaning. A robot vacuum cleaner normally sucks at the same power during the whole session. This is a problem because it either sucks too powerful, wasting energy at the non-carpet surface, or too weak on the carpet for proper cleaning results. Kyvol’s carpet boost technology solves this problem. Sensors sense the carpet and increase the sucking power of the vacuum cleaner until it leaves the carpet. Efficient home cleaning in an energy-efficient way.

  • Edge and Corner Cleaning

Edges and corners get dusty easily but most vacuum cleaner robots have difficulty removing the accumulated dust effectively in these areas. The special Edge Mode takes care of all the dust and dirt hidden along the edges and in the corners. Methodically, the Cybovac vacuum cleaner takes care of every spot with great results.

  • State of the Art Robotics Technology

Kyvol integrates state of the art robotics technology into every model. The navigation system ensures that no area will be missed in an accurate and efficient manner. Various sensors improve the safety and effectiveness of Kyvol’s vacuum cleaners. There are sensors to prevent bumps, falling from the stairs, customize no-go areas, and more. Control your Cybovac vacuum cleaner from a distance with the Kyvol app, loaded with useful options. You can choose between different cleaning scenarios to fit the conditions your vacuum cleaner has to deal with. After 2.5 hours, the battery of the vacuum cleaner will become low. When this happens your device will return automatically to the docking bay to recharge. This is truly modern, new decade style home cleaning.

Which HEPA vacuum cleaner should you choose?

Kyvol offers innovative HEPA vacuum cleaner models to fit the cleaning needs of all kinds of customers. Time to take a closer look at their models.

  • The Cybovac E20 – An amazing “starter model” packed with smart features for automated clean results. The powerful suction ability of 2000 Pa will take care of all the dust, dust mites, and germs in your home.
  • The Cybovac E30 – This is the crème de la crème of the robot HEPA vacuum cleaner models. Equipped with the advanced Gyroptic™ Navigation System, this model will zig-zag in a coordinated way over the floor. Resulting in an impressive cleaning efficiency of 30% more. The suction power of 2200 Pa takes care of the rest. Fully equipped with the latest state of the art technology, you simply can not go wrong with this beast of a cleaning machine.
  • The Cybovac E31 – This model is very similar to the E30, but with the added mopping functionality. The hook-shaped cotton fibers of the mopping cloth have been specifically devised to remove all kinds of floor stains. Supported by the 300 ml water reservoir, your floor will be clean in the blink of an eye.

Upgrade Your Vacuum Cleaner

Make use of all the benefits of HEPA vacuum cleaner technology for a safe and clean home. Get rid of all the germs and dust mites and protect your loved ones in a convenient way.