20 work from home must haves to help you win in 2021

For many people, working at home started in 2020 and may continue for years. Even after the virus goes away, working at home will still be more common than it was in 2019.

Both employers and employees now know of the benefits of people working at home. Working at home can be less stressful than working at the office, and you can avoid lengthy commutes if you work at home.

Employers often find that their workers are more productive if they work at home, and employers can save money on office space. Some workers prefer the office social environment, and some employers prefer to have their workers in the office to make sure they are working. However, it seems that working at home will continue to be common in the future.

Work at home essentials

If you are working at home in 2021, many things can make your experience better. You might experiment with nootropics, buy a new computer chair, or use a robot vacuum cleaner so that work and chores don’t take up all your time. You might also get a humidifier, a coffee machine, and a footrest to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Plan your workspace

One of the best things about working at home is that you can set up your workspace however you want. You can change whatever you dislike about your working environment. The more you like your workspace, the easier and more productive your workday will be.

1. Pick the right location

The right location is not always obvious. Do you have a spare room that might be a better location for your office?

You might not want to work where your computer usually is. Consider other locations. You might have a better location that is free of distractions and interruptions.

While you won’t realistically be able to avoid your kids and pets entirely, you may be able to isolate yourself from them partly. Pick the room in your house where you will have the least distractions. You might move things out of a room to re-purpose it as your home office.

2. Make your room look good for video conferences

You don’t have to go overboard with interior design and decorations, but you should make your home office look good on other people’s screens. Work somewhere clean, bright, and cheerful.

Working at home should save you time, not take your time away. Choose a room that you do not need to clean very often. You might only use your home office for working so that you don’t need to clean it often.

3. Get a good desk, office chair, computer, and laptop stand

Start with the basics. Before you buy any uncommon accessories that make your home workspace better, get a comfortable chair and desk that is the right height. If your desk is not the right height for you, use a laptop stand to elevate your screen.

4. Face your desk inwards

Don’t put your desk in the corner of the room and work while facing the wall. Instead, have your back to the wall and face the whole room. Many people find this helps them feel in control and makes it easier to be productive.

5. Use color and decorations

The appearance of the room you are working in can surely affect your mood. If the room you are in is messy and disorganized, that can make it harder to think clearly.

If the room you are in is too plain and drab-colored, it can make your work feel too drab. Brighten the room up with some colors and decorations so that your work doesn’t feel boring. It makes enough of a difference that it is worth a bit of your time.

The 20 must-haves for working at home

1. Cybovac E31 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

While the robot maids of old science fiction movies are still a long way away, simpler robot vacuum cleaners are already with us. Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming more advanced, and today’s robot vacuum cleaners can clean your floor without your supervision.

Robot vacuum cleaners are not gimmick products – the technology is there to make them work very well. The Cybovac E31 is a great choice because it not only vacuums but mops as well. The suction is powerful, so the Cybovac can get your house clean as well as you could clean it yourself.

2. Vigoair HD3 Humidifier

Anyone who has tried a humidifier knows that they can improve your health and sense of well being. By getting more moisture in the air, a humidifier can moisturize your skin, help you sleep better, and treat chronic coughing. If you have houseplants, a humidifier can also make them healthier.

The Vigoair HD3 Humidifier stands out for its large water tank. With the huge 4.5 liter tank, you can run the humidifier for up to 75 hours before you need to add water.

The humidifier produces enough vapor for a room up to 215 or 430 square feet. The Vigoair HD3 is also quiet and has waterproof internal parts that help it last a long time.

3. NeuroGum

On some days, coffee just isn’t enough. Many people improve their lives by experimenting with non-prescription drugs that help them think better. These drugs are known as Nootropics, and many or most of them really work.

A pack of NeuroGum contains both caffeine and low doses of some of the most common and effective Nootropics. NeuroGum is fairly mild stuff – as long as you do not chew too much of it, you won’t get wired.

Neurogum is very fast-acting, even faster than coffee, and is less likely to cause a crash afterward. After you try NeuroGum, it may turn into one of your work from home must-haves.

4. Memory foam seat cushion

Many people these days get back problems from sitting all day. Buying a standing desk is one option, but that isn’t for everyone. You can save your back with a ComfiLife memory foam cushion for your office chair.

The ComfiLife works better than most other similar cushions because it prevents pressure on the tailbone first and foremost. Pressure on the tail bone is one of the main causes of sitting related back problems.

5. Coral dust keyboard cleaning gel

Keyboards and mice can get dirty and unhygienic. When you are cleaning them, you have to be careful not to get the electronic parts wet. One of the best ways to do this is to buy some keyboard cleaning gel.

Coral dust cleaning gel is sticky in just the right way for cleaning a keyboard. It will stick to dirt and dust very well, but it won’t stick to your hands, and there is no fluid that will get into your keyboard.

6. An adjustable and portable standing desk

Standing at a desk all day is easier to get used to than some people think. After you try it, you may not want to go back to sitting. A standing desk is good for your health.

Standing all day is not likely to give you aches and pains. Sitting all day is more harmful to your body than standing. If you stand, it will make you feel better.

Contrary to what you might assume, it is also easier to concentrate when standing, at least for most people. The best standing desks are adjustable and foldable.

You can take it wherever you want and adjust it to any height. Whether you want a standing desk or not, a desk that you like is one of your must-haves for working at home.

7. Cowin E7 noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are must-haves for working at home. Working at home is more pleasant than working at the office, but you may miss the office’s relative silence. Noise-canceling headphones can help you shut out the outside world and give your work your complete attention.

The Cowin E7 noise-canceling headphones are a great choice because they use active noise-canceling technology. The Cowin E7’s are not merely earmuffs that shut the sound out with a physical barrier. Active noise-canceling technology tracks what sounds are present outside of the earmuffs and adjusts the sound emitted by the speakers to cancel out the noise.

8. Six outlet wall charger

People have more than one device to charge these days, so a six-outlet wall charger comes in handy. A regular wall socket is only good enough for two AC electrical cords. However, you get six electrical cords and 2 USB cables out of a wall socket with a six-outlet wall charger.

The POWERUI wall charger fits over a regular two plug outlet and expands it into something that can power far more devices at once. If you have only two plugs in your home office, consider buying a six-outlet wall charger. You can charge up everything in your home office with one of these gadgets.

9. Sounddance ventilated laptop stand

If your laptop is at the wrong height, you can strain your neck looking at it. You can solve this problem with a laptop stand. Your neck pain will go away if you adjust your screen’s height so that your head is at a healthier angle.

A ventilated laptop stand also prevents your laptop from overheating. If you keep the laptop elevated, the fan can do its job much better and keep the laptop cool. The Sounddance stand works well for laptops of many different sizes, from 10 inches to 15.6 inches.

You can also take the Sounddance stand apart and put it back together again easily. It disassembles into three smaller pieces. No tools are required to set up the stand.

10. Mr.Coffee Mug Warmer

When you are working from home, the little things matter a lot. No one wants their coffee to go cold if they briefly ignore it while concentrating on working. No one wants to be interrupted by having to microwave their cold coffee.

If you use a mug warmer, you can ignore your coffee for a while without it going cold. The Mr.Coffee mug warmer is a great, reliable, inexpensive product. It works for cups of many different sizes, is easy to clean, and is easy to take anywhere.

11. Time marked water bottle

Being hydrated can help you think more clearly. You do not usually feel thirsty until you are already below an ideal amount of hydration. Drink before you get thirsty to stay hydrated enough for your brain to work at peak efficiency.

The Catacki time marked water bottle is a simple low tech way of reminding you to drink enough water. The bottle has lines and times written on it. When 10 AM comes along, you are supposed to drink water down to the line marked for 10 AM, and so on.

The bottle is also BPA free, which means that it cannot cause the health problems associated with plastic bottles. The bottle works well (the water flows out easily) and is spill-proof. Another bonus is that the bottle comes with free digital recipes for infused water.

12. Jerry and Maggie adjustable desk shelves

Small shelves that can fit on a large desk are great to have in your home office. The Jerry and Maggie shelves are made of natural wood and can be rotated and adjusted. These are small, light shelves to store a few important books and office supplies.

13. Bliss collections daily planner

Sometimes, a paper daily planner is the best way to organize your day. If you write your daily schedule on a computer, you might never look at it.

With a paper daily planner on your wall, you always have a reminder. The bliss collections daily planners use high-quality paper.

14. iBayam color-coded pens

Not everyone uses pens and paper much any more, but I still make sure to have some paper and pens to write with when I want to. When I plan out a schedule or write down an idea, I always do it on paper. iBayam color-coded pens are great because you can color-code your tasks.

15. Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold brew coffee is refreshing in the middle of the day when your attention starts to slip. The Takeya is very easy to use and brews great tasting coffee. Simply add water, add coffee grounds, and leave the coffee maker in the fridge overnight and you will have more than enough coffee to get you through the day.

16. Sunny Health Underdesk Elliptical

This is my favorite work at home product. Light exercise keeps my brain going, and with a small treadmill that you can use while sitting at your desk, you can get a lot more done. It also works if you use a standing desk, as you do not have to be sitting to use it.

17. Flexispot workstation exercise bike

This is a full-sized exercise bike with a small table to put your laptop on. It is not used with an actual desk, and it can be a desk replacement for some people.

You may prefer to sit at a regular desk for most of the day but use the workstation exercise bike some of the time. Light exercise improves your blood flow and helps your brain work properly.

18. Gimars memory foam wrist pad

If you have ever had sore wrists from writing and clicking, get a wrist pad. You can also prevent wrist pain by keeping your wrists elevated, but it is difficult to get in the habit of keeping your wrists up. A wrist pad solves this problem with no effort required.

19. AstroAI Mini Fridge

The AstroAI is about as good as it gets if you are looking for an affordable mini-fridge for your home office. It is compact while offering a reasonably large 4-liter capacity, just enough for the few things you want to have with you at your workspace.

20. HoMedics white noise machine

A white noise machine not only shuts out the sound of traffic outside but also helps you think more clearly. White noise is calming and can boost a person’s performance at work or studying.

The HoMedics white noise machine also offers nature sounds as another option. Nature sounds have the same calming effects.

21. basicConcepts under the desk footrest

Health problems that people develop from sitting are thankfully preventable. You can entirely avoid these problems if you do things to mitigate the risks.

Using a footrest can prevent discomfort and prevent health problems by taking pressure off of your back. The basicConcepts footrest uses excellent foam that is neither too hard nor too weak. Even though the foam is soft, your feet do not sink into the floor.

22. FEIYOLD blue light blocking glasses

One of the most underrated ways you can improve your health is by getting blue light blocking glasses. Many people end up with poor sleep quality if they spend too much time on laptops.

This is because of the blue light, which tricks your brain into thinking it is daytime and prevents it from winding down before bed. Blue light blocking glasses are not the sort of health trick that only works for a few people. Nearly anyone will notice better sleep after they try blue light blocking glasses.

Work at home products can improve your life

The switch to more people working at home may be a positive change for society. Working from home can help people save time, spend more time with their kids, and live in cheaper areas that are farther from their workplaces.

Products that make your work at home experience better are worth the investment. You might even make more money if your work at home products lead to increased productivity.

The basics are the most important – get a desk, chair, and computer that you like. Choose a good location for your home office, where there won’t be too many distractions.

Many nootropics are proven to work and can help you get more done with less effort each day. Sometimes, your income can improve if you use the right nootropics. You can use a humidifier to improve your health and moisturize your skin and a robot vacuum cleaner to prevent chores from interfering with your job.

If you do not want a standing desk, you should use a good foam cushion for your back. Even if you do not get back pain, you can prevent yourself from getting it in the future if you use a cushion or a standing desk.

You can also buy home exercise equipment, including an exercise bike with a stand for your laptop. Doing light exercise and working at the same time can help you think better.

A mini-fridge is another great thing to put in your home office. Don’t forget the little things – a mug warmer, a day planner, a wrist pad, and a white noise machine can all help you.